At the core of my making, what is most revered is personal transparency and honesty. This is an approach that truly
represents me at my most vulnerable. As a product of Caribbean immigrant parents, my work explores complexities
faced while navigating colonial practices and thinkings consumed in the Americas. I take an anthropological role using
my family structure as direct inspiration. I question my taught morality, the foods we eat, the things we use to heal
ourselves, and the misinformation we choose to regurgitate. Simultaneously, I dismiss old “masters” who have treated
our black labor with harsh depictions and rejections. I escape these themes to draw attention to the weight of being
socially conscious purely for my own survival. Allowing others to view me at tender stages of my life, I depict the
imbalance and pressures from my own community in a system of morals that have caused our bodies the most harm.
When bearing these works, I find the most candid materials to express these topics and encounter a final object that is
commanding and shamelessly blunt